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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Dora Yearly Summary

Dora Bulldogs
Dora High School

330 Glen Gant Circle Dora, AL 35062
Stadium: Horace Roberts Field
Colors: Blue & Gold
Coach: Bart Lockhart
Region: 4A-R6
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20204A*3-210977R61-15437 Bart Lockhart  
20195A*2-8144280R70-768224 Bart Lockhart  
20185A*5-62382410-1317R74-3185181 Bart Lockhart  
20174A*9-33841911-15351R64-2183100 Bart Lockhart  
20164A*4-6210266R62-496168 Mike Cain  
20155A*0-10118484R50-769367 Mike Cain  
20145A*5-63403740-1642R54-3240249 Johnny Wright  
20134A*5-63393780-1767R44-3247204 Johnny Wright  
20124A*12-25482953-1151123R4#7-0307106 Johnny Wright  
20114A*9-34391411-15439R55-227085 Dustan Goode  
20104A*3-81582690-1854R53-4131126 Martin Glover  
20094A*1-9121339R51-587179 Martin Glover  
20084A*2-8136350R52-499189 Martin Glover  
20074A*1-9162408R51-6102244 Tony Johnson  
20064A*11-24582122-16866R56-129597 Johnny Wright  
20054A*7-44142410-13456R55-2275116 Johnny Wright  
20044A*10-23662481-15442R5#6-1210170 Johnny Wright  
20033A*11-15941991-19243R6#7-0369101 Johnny Wright  
20023A*12-14742032-17172R6#7-032698 Johnny Wright  
20014A*4-6167186R53-4123106 Johnny Wright  
20004A*0-10107355R50-778241 Joe LaBue  
19994A*1-9136317R90-36689 Joe LaBue  
19984A*2-8139291R90-333125 Royce Young  
19975A*3-7201287R110-349109 Royce Young  
19965A*2-8186283R110-33989 Tim Oneal  
19954A*5-51332100-1624R142-16661 Tim Oneal  
19944A*5-51061130-1028R141-22627 Tim Oneal  
19935A*10-33661802-15751R103-111963 Joey Jones  
19925A*11-13071511-14217R10#4-09665 Joey Jones  
19915A*3-7185206R140-22855 Joey Jones  
19905A*1-9113223R140-21449 Mike Burrow  
19895A*4-6118201R81-25578 Mike Burrow  
19885A*9-52091663-15642R8#3-17254 Billy Coleman  
19875A*8-42021361-12247R9#3-08723 Billy Coleman  
19865A*9-2249790-11214R92-16713 Billy Coleman  
19855A*12-22911774-112693R8#3-06930 Don Flippo  
19845A*5-51301350-1734R82-14736 Don Flippo  
19833A*10-23051010-1034R15#4-012533 Don Flippo  
19823A*7-3173100R153-16345 Don Flippo  
19813A*5-5131199R92-471159 Don Flippo  
19803A*3-7103171R92-448107 Don Flippo  
19793A*8-216253R94-29038 Don Cox  
19783A*9-22111100-11521R9#5-010256 Don Cox  
19773A*7-317280R92-26164 Don Cox  
19763A*6-3-117199R93-16547 Don Cox  
19753A*3-6144186 Don Cox  
19743A*0-9-1164254 Scott Blackmon  
19733A*2-8189269 Scott Blackmon  
19723A*1-7-169233 Kenneth Townley  
19713A*2-8140210 Kenneth Townley  
19703A*6-4202149 Kenneth Townley  
19693A*8-2220121 Kenneth Townley  
19683A*5-5155164 Kenneth Townley  
19673A*6-3-120390 Kenneth Townley  
19663A*5-3-197151 Joe Baughan  
19653A*3-747161 Joe Baughan  
19643A*3-7108160 Joe Baughan  
19633A*7-214777 Wallace Reid  
1962*6-3-122885 Wallace Reid  
1961*5-4-1129126 Wallace Reid  
1960*9-122757 Wallace Reid  
1959*10-030263 Wallace Reid  
1958*7-2-117274 Wallace Reid  
1957*4-4-110865 Wallace Reid  
1956*5-3-2150149 Wallace Reid  
1955*3-5-163143 Jack Morris  
1954*5-4171158 Charles Kirkpatrick  
1953*6-3-1134118 Murphy Seal  
1952*5-4126132 Murphy Seal  
1951*8-124646 Murphy Seal  
1950*7-222958 Murphy Seal  
1949*5-4-112797 Murphy Seal  
1948*2-8107244 Earl Douglas  
1947*1-719121 Walter Nicholson  
1946*7-221937 Ralph Gandy  
1945*1-5-137146 E. A. Moore  
1944*1-7-258204 Ivy Andrews  
1943*0-719313 Ivy Andrews  
1942*3-3-191101 Virgil Ledbetter  
1941*3-3-28282 Charlie Douglas  
1940*4-569150 A.J. McDaniel  
1939*5-3-112151 Loy Vaughn  
1938*5-3-198104 Loy Vaughn  
1937*6-310566 Loy Vaughn  
1936*7-213063 Loy Vaughn  
19356-28371 Loy Vaughn  
1934*4-3-18741 Loy Vaughn  
1933*0-724125 Fred Sheridan  
1932*4-35772 Fred Sheridan  
1931*4-4-176145 Fred Sheridan  
1930*5-413161 Fred Sheridan  
1929*6-3-117767 Euil Snitz Snider  
1928*5-4-126088 Floyd Brown  
1927*2-4-13154 Audrey Fuller  
1926*4-44385 S.H. Sherman  
1925*2-2-22252 J.K. Hall  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

In 1970 Monroe Academy won the first championship in the A.I.S.A. by defeating Lowndes Academy 6-0.