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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

UMS-Wright Yearly Summary

UMS-Wright Bulldogs
UMS-Wright High School

65 N. Mobile St. Mobile, AL 36607
Stadium: Erwin S. Cooper Stadium
Colors: Crimson & Gray
Coach: Terry Curtis
Region: 5A-R1
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20205A*2-210571R11-15740 Terry Curtis  
20194A*14-03781065-015244R1#7-018749 Terry Curtis  
20184A*14-0480585-018837R1#7-024514 Terry Curtis  
20174A*13-24611935-015763R15-120386 Terry Curtis  
20164A*9-33701211-15020R15-119856 Terry Curtis  
20154A*12-15011592-16955R1#6-028055 Terry Curtis  
20144A*12-25112023-112882R1#6-024551 Terry Curtis  
20134A*11-34832893-112392R1#7-029896 Terry Curtis  
20124A*13-25513245-0186120R1#7-030697 Terry Curtis  
20114A*9-54482823-115288R15-2266127 Terry Curtis  
20104A*6-53702740-13236R15-2228127 Terry Curtis  
20094A*10-34882142-18327R1#6-1322115 Terry Curtis  
20084A*13-24842265-019848R16-1217107 Terry Curtis  
20075A*6-72863782-14758R14-3197189 Terry Curtis  
20065A*11-34102923-19288R1#7-0263136 Terry Curtis  
20054A*15-06601355-019646R1#7-035666 Terry Curtis  
20044A*13-15281563-114162R1#7-030973 Terry Curtis  
20034A*11-24601872-17527R1#7-0310104 Terry Curtis  
20024A*14-14471065-013927R1#7-024344 Terry Curtis  
20014A*15-05131495-017842R1#6-020065 Terry Curtis  
20004A*10-33291542-18331R1#6-013656 Terry Curtis  
19993A*9-43002262-16866R1#2-06220 Terry Curtis  
19983A*5-71912321-15034R1#2-06227 Chris Nemith  
19973A*11-22791262-17845R1#2-04522 Chris Nemith  
19963A*12-33482004-111580R1#2-06336 Chris Nemith  
19953A*7-62572672-16858R11-14822 Joel Williams 3/Jim Wishon 10  
19943A*5-72332691-13846R11-13431 Joel Williams  
19933A*2-8129247R11-22784 Wayne Davis  
19923A*7-322183R11-23138 Wayne Davis  
19913A*4-514882R11-23315 Pat Galle  
19903A*8-31961010-1013R1#3-0666 Pat Galle  
19894A*5-51161360-12628R11-22961 Pat Galle  
19884A*9-22561321-14833R12-18865 Pat Galle  
19873A*15-0390585-011542R1#3-01167 Ken McWilliams  
19863A*5-5167120R12-15523 Ken McWilliams  
19854A*3-7170156R11-25549 Mac Champion  
19844A*9-32301021-13640R12-14818 Mac Champion  
19833A*5-5199203R14-3129122 Mac Champion  
19823A*2-874178R11-637128 Bobby Jackson  
19813A*5-5142152R13-37295 Bobby Jackson  
19803A*3-7102170R12-461100 Bobby Jackson  
19793A*1-862120R11-66293 Eddie Jones  
19783A*4-686158R13-470115 Eddie Jones  
19773A*6-4135109R15-210966 Eddie Jones  
19763A*6-4173146R15-112192 Eddie Jones  
19753A*5-5122132R14-29861 Leon Akins  
19743A*6-41721130-11015R1#4-010541 Leon Akins  
19733A*4-5166174 Leon Akins  
19723A*3-7133199 Leon Akins  
19713A*2-889149 Joe Dean  
19703A*2-5-1136111 Joe Dean  
19693A*3-7122205 Joe Dean  
19683A*1-983194 Joe Dean  
19673A*5-5128102 Maurice Hefner  
19663A*5-4-114496 Maurice Hefner  
19653A*6-411492 Maurice Hefner  
19643A*8-214889 Doug Barfield  
19633A*8-222469 Doug Barfield  
1962*9-128867 Doug Barfield  
1961*6-419595 Ed Baker  
1960*4-6172124 Ed Baker  
1959*1-976259 Fred Cone  
1958*3-6-193142 Robert Hanks  
1957*7-3172148 Robert Hanks  
1956*2-6-1110169 Robert Hanks  
1955*4-6102148 Robert Hanks  
1954*6-322048 Robert Hanks  
1953*8-0-123226 Robert Hanks  
1952*8-1-118345 Robert Hanks  
1951*8-224241 Robert Hanks  
1950*6-3-1168114 Robert Hanks  
1949*6-4200147 Robert Hanks  
1948*7-3197142 Robert Hanks  
1947*3-5-279197 Tom Huckabee  
1946*7-219685 Tom Huckabee  
1945*4-4-112696 Marvin Smith  
1944*1-884135 Marvin Smith  
1943*3-6121203 Marvin Smith  
1942*6-3158115 Marvin Smith  
1941*6-2-114880 Marvin Smith  
1940*5-3-113071 Marvin Smith  
1939*7-218883 Marvin Smith  
1938*7-224479 Marvin Smith  
1937*2-6-1129194 Marvin Smith  
1936*8-133331 Andy Edington  
1935*5-3-1214109 Andy Edington  
1934*2-697168 Jim Hodgins  
1933*2-539110 Jim Hodgins  
1932*6-312485 Earl Smith  
1931*4-46967 Earl Smith  
1930*1-7-124176 John King  
1929*3-4-1114136 John King  
1928*3-570113 Ernest Skipworth  
19271-621129 Ernest Skipworth  
1926*1-864205 Ernest Skipworth  
1925*5-3-114238 Ernest Skipworth  
1924*3-3-187108 Lewis Dawson  
1923*4-567134 Lewis Dawson  
1922*4-513172 Shorty Davis  
19210-60226 Bernard Oliver  
1920*1-4-21495 Bernard Oliver  
19095-112212 Carter  
1908*3-44665 Washington Moody  
1907*3-0-31500 E.G. Maxon  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

The Morgan Academy Senators have appeared in 14 state championship games from 1984-2008, winning the title 11 times.