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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Piedmont Yearly Summary

Piedmont Bulldogs
Piedmont High School

750 Ala. Hwy 200 Bypass Piedmont, AL 36272
Stadium: Field of Champions
Colors: Blue & Gold
Coach: Steve Smith
Region: 3A-R5
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20203A*4-012913R53-0906 Steve Smith  
20193A*14-15721945-017758R6#6-129792 Steve Smith  
20183A*12-34742564-114786R6#6-1248116 Steve Smith  
20173A*12-25202763-111667R5#6-0259115 Steve Smith  
20163A*15-06222775-0220113R5#6-026498 Steve Smith  
20153A*14-15721805-019150R6#7-030481 Steve Smith  
20143A*8-44322061-15448R66-129770 Steve Smith  
20133A*11-25621622-19153R56-134679 Steve Smith  
20123A*11-14391141-14734R5#7-029937 Steve Smith  
20113A*12-14601632-19359R6#8-027964 Steve Smith  
20103A*12-24902643-113984R6#8-0267128 Steve Smith  
20093A*13-24382195-018396R56-117874 Steve Smith  
20083A*10-34382222-18639R56-1240116 Steve Smith  
20072A*10-34081922-18966R76-125992 Steve Smith  
20062A*7-43162090-11539R75-2236123 Steve Smith  
20053A*5-5186257R53-4125206 Michael Bobbitt  
20043A*2-8170279R51-691199 Michael Bobbitt  
20033A*1-9116350R50-767271 Michael Bobbitt  
20023A*4-6183252R53-4132170 Michael Bobbitt  
20013A*3-7159265R52-5106195 Mike Hayes  
20003A*3-7104195R52-577138 Mike Hayes  
19993A*6-51821760-11427R93-17535 Mike Hayes  
19983A*4-6209235R91-360104 Mike Hayes  
19973A*1-968235R120-314105 Bobby Buchanan  
19963A*1-976256R120-33073 Bobby Buchanan  
19953A*3-7132231R131-24248 Bobby Buchanan  
19943A*9-33561401-16735R13#3-011827 George Hoblitzell  
19934A*11-33521593-16448R13#3-01100 George Hoblitzell  
19924A*10-23151401-13837R132-16454 George Hoblitzell  
19913A*10-2321941-14619R9#3-111726 George Hoblitzell  
19903A*12-1443942-16332R9#4-015241 George Hoblitzell  
19893A*10-32441022-16332R9#3-07333 George Hoblitzell  
19883A*10-23101421-14031R9#3-09019 George Hoblitzell  
19874A*0-1079287R120-33079 George Hoblitzell  
19864A*8-2227131R121-26459 George Hoblitzell  
19853A*7-3175940-11024R8#3-06428 George Hoblitzell  
19843A*7-31871060-11421R8#3-06626 George Hoblitzell  
19832A*3-8119179R8B1-684136 George Hoblitzell  
19822A*8-2188133R8B5-111472 George Hoblitzell  
19812A*4-6162148R83-4123105 Virgil Holder  
19802A*1-9102219R81-674144 Virgil Holder  
19792A*1-8-166257R80-427129 Virgil Holder  
19782A*4-6152114R81-36067 Ragan Clark  
19772A*2-869161R82-46982 Ragan Clark  
19762A*3-7118227R82-477139 Mutt Steward  
19752A*5-5179107R8 Mutt Steward  
19742A*7-2221118R8 Mutt Steward  
19732A*1-863187 Mutt Steward  
19722A*1-9104178 Mutt Steward  
19712A*1-881248 Gary Smith  
19703A*5-4189127 Virgil Holder  
19693A*5-4-1177120 Virgil Holder  
19683A*6-318185 Virgil Holder  
19673A*4-5106110 Virgil Holder  
19663A*2-7112195 Virgil Holder  
19653A*9-124553 Virgil Holder  
19643A*2-5-2104166 Virgil Holder  
19633A*1-6-27392 Virgil Holder  
1962*1-6-158139 Jim White  
1961*2-785168 Jim White  
1960*7-2-1158102 Jim White  
1959*9-122967 Bill Farrell  
1958*9-124170 Bill Farrell  
1957*5-410595 Bill Farrell  
1956*4-5133173 Bill Farrell  
1955*6-3187130 Bill Farrell  
1954*6-2-1184116 Bill Farrell  
1953*7-2238101 Bill Farrell  
1952*8-2270100 Bill Farrell  
1951*4-6119144 Fred Payne  
1950*2-731253 Fred Payne  
1949*0-8-218165 Johnny Waters  
1948*7-2-119173 Johnny Waters  
1947*6-1-213152 Orvil Hause  
1946*6-313438 Johnny Waters  
1945*8-025320 W.H. Zeke Kimbrough  
1944*6-220153 Henry Greer  
1943*5-2-210558 Henry Greer  
1942*7-221540 Henry Greer  
1941*2-745209 W.R. McKinzey  
1940*4-5118146 Lamar Moye  
1939*4-3-26684 Ellis Houston  
1938*6-313771 Ellis Houston  
1937*5-2-112451 Clair Strickland  
1936*8-126047 Clair Strickland  
1935*8-027924 Clair Strickland  
1934*6-29939 Clair Strickland  
1933*0-724190 Edward H. Childs  
1932*2-55077 Edward H. Childs  
1931*0-50123 Edward H. Childs  
19300-4-10162 Edward H. Childs  
1929*0-9-17210 Tom Reed  
1928*4-2-27855 Tom Meeks  
19272-6-1295 W.L. Little  
1926*3-5-168114 W.L. Little  
1925*1-4-344142 J.O. Ogle  
19241-5-239125 J.O. Ogle  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

Etowah defeated Oxford 69-63 in 1991 to set a state record for most points scored by both teams in a playoff game.