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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Jackson Yearly Summary

Jackson Aggies
Jackson High School

321 Stanley Drive Jackson, AL 36545
Stadium: Legion Field
Colors: Purple, White & Gold
Coach: Cody Flournoy
Region: 4A-R1
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20204A*6-4243253R14-2169126 Cody Flournoy  
20195A*6-63481981-14331R13-319996 Cody Flournoy  
20185A*8-42782021-14239R15-1188117 Danny Powell  
20175A*5-52071770-12728R14-211265 Danny Powell  
20165A*9-44602593-115382R14-217887 Danny Powell  
20155A*13-15011903-113891R1#6-020858 Danny Powell  
20145A*11-34542073-112057R15-120291 Danny Powell  
20135A*12-15161752-18063R3#7-032672 Danny Powell  
20125A*9-24081530-11331R3#7-032378 Danny Powell  
20114A*15-06471815-019691R1#7-032165 Danny Powell  
20104A*10-24391841-16344R16-1273109 Jeff Kelly  
20094A*13-25792444-117094R16-1282103 Jeff Kelly  
20084A*9-44102702-14249R1#6-1256124 Jeff Kelly  
20074A*3-7226232R13-4159146 John Blackmon  
20064A*6-4270276R14-3213194 John Blackmon  
20054A*6-52922800-12021R15-2187179 John Blackmon  
20044A*3-7183293R12-5141224 John Blackmon  
20034A*1-9143361R11-6109241 Eddie Brundridge  
20024A*6-52211880-11228R15-215797 Eddie Brundridge  
20014A*5-61971850-1713R13-311795 Eddie Brundridge  
20004A*4-5159190R12-481133 Eddie Brundridge  
19995A*1-9153213R21-17151 Eddie Brundridge  
19985A*2-91843250-11638R21-15754 Eddie Brundridge  
19975A*9-32381682-14158R32-17047 Danny Hayes  
19965A*9-22331431-14665R3#3-08129 Danny Hayes  
19955A*8-32021331-13827R3#3-06724 Danny Hayes  
19945A*11-33021283-16351R3#3-0986 Danny Hayes  
19935A*4-6931260-11430R32-13131 Danny Hayes  
19925A*8-2250880-1721R3#3-01090 Danny Hayes  
19915A*7-42211230-11418R21-13327 Danny Hayes  
19905A*8-224143R20-21025 Danny Hayes  
19895A*6-419687R22-27127 Danny Hayes  
19885A*9-22061231-13434R2#4-06124 Danny Hayes  
19875A*9-2221870-1718R1#3-06424 Rusty Nichols  
19865A*8-3151860-1710R1#3-0507 Rusty Nichols  
19855A*8-41271461-11217R1#3-05138 Mike Garret  
19845A*11-23461662-14747R1#3-08731 Mike Garret  
19833A*6-4144128R12-13523 Mike Garret  
19823A*9-22291170-11026R1#4-08714 Mike Garret  
19813A*9-124093R15-113945 Barry Pennington  
19803A*8-228581R15-120440 Barry Pennington  
19793A*13-0-1318733-0-15513R1#6-015440 Barry Pennington  
19783A*7-319976R14-211236 Barry Pennington  
19773A*6-412398R15-29854 Wayne Brunson  
19763A*11-13901091-14841R1#7-024241 Wayne Brunson  
19753A*7-2-118245R12-2-13832 Roger Shoultz  
19743A*6-4216150R13-211686 Roger Shoultz  
19733A*4-5-1119144 Roger Shoultz  
19723A*4-6201154 Bill Ricketts  
19713A*10-1302530-177 Bill Ricketts  
19703A*7-322896 Bill Ricketts  
19693A*4-5126117 Bill Ricketts  
19683A*5-3-2138102 Bill Ricketts  
19673A*9-124360 Bill Ricketts  
19662A*8-2245137 Bill Ricketts  
19652A*6-2-215863 Bill Ricketts  
19642A*5-5127146 Bill Ricketts  
1963*5-4-110093 Billy Lewis  
1962*3-6-174151 Billy Lewis  
1961*2-873170 John Simpkins  
1960*6-3-118584 John Simpkins  
1959*2-7-1119151 John Simpkins  
1958*5-4-119584 John Simpkins  
1957*3-6-196150 John Simpkins  
1956*1-8-163254 John Simpkins  
1955*1-958209 John Simpkins  
1954*5-5151152 John Simpkins  
1953*7-2-113263 John Simpkins  
1952*6-2-2162107 John Simpkins  
1951*4-5-170126 John Simpkins  
1950*6-4220103 John Simpkins  
1949*7-3158109 John Simpkins  
1948*4-5-1134106 John Simpkins  
1947*6-49092 John Simpkins  
1946*7-218830 John Simpkins  
1945*3-3-211089 John Simpkins  
19447-1-121814 John Simpkins  
19436-27734 John Simpkins  
1942*4-311585 John Simpkins  
1941*7-0-232139 John Simpkins  
1940*4-413164 John Simpkins  
1939*7-2176137 John Simpkins  
1938*2-5-17781 John Simpkins  
1937*5-2-213051 John Simpkins  
1936*4-5127165 John Simpkins  
1935*9-033720 Eddie J. Pace  
19345-314859 Eddie J. Pace  
1933*2-7-177109 Eddie J. Pace  
1932*3-4-170118 Gerald Bradford  
1931*4-5-192113 Gerald Bradford  
1930*5-2-213461 Gerald Bradford  
1929*6-2-114678 Eddie J. Pace  
19286-263113 Eddie J. Pace  
19274-37356 Eddie J. Pace  
19268-121765 Eddie J. Pace  
1925*3-582104 E.S. Darden  
19230-3-112170 Francis Bruce  
1922*2-3-410669 T.H. Williams  
1921*5-322968 Steed  
1918      No Team
1917*1-13150 Herbert Champion  
1916*0-1-1677 Herbert Champion  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

Thomasville scored 54 points against Gulf Shores in the first quarter of a game in 2003. They managed to hang on for an 81-14 win.