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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Glencoe Yearly Summary

Glencoe Yellow Jackets
Glencoe High School

803 Lonesome Bend Rd. Glencoe, AL 35905
Stadium: Wilson-Darnell Field
Colors: Black & Gold
Coach: Brian Alred
Region: 3A-R5
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20203A*0-000R5 Brian Alred  
20193A*1-947382R61-641257 Brian Alred  
20183A*1-974386R60-720292 Brian Alred  
20173A*2-8130404R50-641277 Rusty Davis  
20163A*3-7178238R51-588168 Rusty Davis  
20153A*9-23602040-1720R66-1230151 Lee Ozmint  
20143A*13-15532023-114983R6#7-031781 Lee Ozmint  
20133A*8-43793201-19380R54-3186184 Lee Ozmint  
20123A*5-61831960-1014R54-3133137 Lee Ozmint  
20113A*9-32891311-13328R66-222190 Lee Ozmint  
20103A*10-23501011-12112R67-123667 Lee Ozmint  
20093A*9-32651661-15348R55-214291 Lee Ozmint  
20083A*4-6152208R53-4126162 Lee Ozmint  
20073A*5-5145155R53-469120 Lee Ozmint  
20063A*5-5187165R53-4111127 Lee Ozmint  
20053A*6-51501650-1021R54-38796 William Hill  
20043A*5-61732870-1754R54-3119143 William Hill  
20033A*4-6153230R53-4104156 William Hill  
20023A*3-7177198R52-5144154 Lance Smith  
20013A*5-5169175R53-4126148 Lance Smith  
20003A*8-32331550-1627R55-2142102 Lance Smith  
19994A*8-2240112R121-25850 Mike McCombs  
19984A*2-8180242R120-32070 Billy Green  
19973A*4-6133221R121-23549 Billy Green  
19963A*7-62802552-16761R12#3-07141 Brian Mintz  
19953A*9-32081621-14039R13#3-06134 Brian Mintz  
19943A*4-674185R131-21756 Brian Mintz  
19933A*9-52371823-15667R83-111538 Brian Mintz  
19923A*5-5152157R82-27571 Brian Mintz  
19914A*2-8125337R120-429146 Brian Mintz  
19904A*3-7151284R121-356115 Dennis Cook  
19894A*5-5108151R120-32085 Dennis Cook  
19884A*0-1042321R120-3096 Dennis Cook  
19874A*0-1085353R110-426148 Jeff Davis  
19864A*2-881181R111-33264 Jeff Davis  
19854A*1-944210R120-3756 Jeff Davis  
19844A*3-7154200R121-26470 Alton Yancey  
19833A*2-9101209R122-573128 Alton Yancey  
19823A*6-4165140R124-39885 Alton Yancey  
19813A*7-41781800-1027R12#6-1137106 Alton Yancey  
19803A*3-7100226R123-480146 Alton Yancey  
19793A*12-12191042-14155R12#6-07936 Lyle Darnell  
19783A*7-41901300-1634R12#5-112048 Lyle Darnell  
19773A*9-127982R125-115469 Lyle Darnell  
19763A*9-1238123R126-116599 Lyle Darnell  
19753A*7-323398R12 Lyle Darnell  
19742A*8-224885R8 Lyle Darnell  
19732A*13-04311553-07857 Lyle Darnell  
19722A*8-2262113 Lyle Darnell  
19712A*8-221689 Lyle Darnell  
19703A*9-0-129670 Lyle Darnell  
19693A*3-6-1103161 Lyle Darnell  
19683A*4-692159 Lyle Darnell  
19673A*6-3-1225135 E.C. Wilson  
19662A*6-317073 E.C. Wilson  
19652A*6-321777 E.C. Wilson  
19642A*1-8-174224 E.C. Wilson  
19632A*1-948213 E.C. Wilson  
1962*6-39392 E.C. Wilson  
1961*0-834253 E.C. Wilson  
1960*6-3-114656 E.C. Wilson  
1959*7-3201128 E.C. Wilson  
1958*7-3224100 E.C. Wilson  
1957*4-5119178 E.C. Wilson  
1956*7-1-117047 E.C. Wilson  
1955*5-311498 E.C. Wilson  
1954*2-6-282140 E.C. Wilson  
1953*7-215383 E.C. Wilson  
1952*5-3-115893 E.C. Wilson  
1951*7-114237 E.C. Wilson  
1950*5-2-210067 E.C. Wilson  
1949*3-6-199181 E.C. Wilson  
1948*1-844231 James Manderson  
1947*5-513397 Emmitt Plunkett  
1946*5-411196 Ward Wright  
1945*5-38692 Ward Wright  
1944*2-5-184117 Ward Wright  
1943*5-2-113351 Harold Wright  
1942*6-1-11759 Harold Wright  
1941*7-1-118219 Harold Wright  
1940*3-3-310183 Harold Wright  
1939*7-214627 Ward Wright  
1938*8-021124 Dewitt Dunn  
1937*7-218264 Dewitt Dunn  
1936*6-1-211439 Dewitt Dunn  
1935*4-511558 Dewitt Dunn  
1934*4-510785 J.H. Wall  
1933*3-4-172127 Clair Strickland  
1932*3-672100 Clair Strickland  
1931*4-566100 Clair Strickland  
1930*5-469121 Clair Strickland  
1929*2-22032 Clair Strickland  
1928*6-1-29118 Clair Strickland  
1927*6-210747 Clair Strickland  
1926*8-02243 Clair Strickland  
1925*0-3-12043 E.G. Merrit  
1924*4-5101142 O.V. Bruner  
1923*6-27468 O.V. Bruner  
19220-50112 Jack Haney  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

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