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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Cleburne County Yearly Summary

Cleburne County Tigers
Cleburne County High School

520 Evans Bridge Rd. Heflin, AL 36264
Stadium: L.E. Bell Field
Colors: Red & White
Coach: Joby Burns
Region: 4A-R4
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20204A0-000R4 Joby Burns  
20194A*2-8211303R61-6103225 Joby Burns  
20184A*2-8257426R61-6178295 Michael Shortt  
20175A*1-9179404R41-5102217 Michael Shortt  
20165A*2-8250359R42-4166208 Michael Shortt  
20154A*9-33892341-15452R6#7-025086 Michael Shortt  
20144A*9-34201811-18863R6#7-026661 Michael Shortt  
20134A*8-53372542-15765R54-3171127 Michael Shortt  
20124A*5-5250187R54-3187137 Michael Shortt  
20114A*5-63823370-12835R64-3297250 Michael Shortt  
20104A*9-33892601-16235R65-2247165 Michael Shortt  
20094A*3-7180284R43-4131178 Michael Shortt  
20084A*5-5207203R44-3144112 Michael Shortt  
20074A*9-22801791-14945R36-1186114 Michael Shortt  
20064A*8-32261401-14135R3#7-015769 Michael Shortt  
20054A*10-23841371-16243R3#7-024745 Michael Shortt  
20044A*7-42381930-1740R35-2169110 Michael Shortt  
20034A*7-52642041-13235R65-214192 Michael Shortt  
20024A*13-13421193-18937R6#7-018061 Michael Shortt  
20014A*13-24311934-113982R6#7-022764 Michael Shortt  
20004A*11-13081621-14858R6#7-019271 Michael Shortt  
19994A*6-52452310-12427R112-17755 Michael Shortt  
19984A*2-8158249R110-340100 Michael Shortt  
19974A*4-6194240R100-478126 Dennis Magouirk  
19964A*9-52762433-18164R103-110789 Dennis Magouirk  
19954A*11-34201813-111263R112-18924 Dennis Magouirk  
19944A*14-1401704-110534R11#3-08615 Dennis Magouirk  
19934A*10-23191721-12334R10#4-012067 Dennis Magouirk  
19924A*5-5163177R102-27782 Dennis Magouirk  
19914A*5-5272241R112-211097 Dennis Magouirk  
19904A*4-6120164R111-33968 Dennis Magouirk  
19894A*5-61521900-11349R112-25464 Dennis Magouirk  
19884A*5-5119149R111-33366 Dennis Magouirk  
19874A*2-81082510-1035R122-14850 Dennis Magouirk  
19864A*1-978278R120-32798 Dennis Magouirk  
19854A*8-2226121R111-24258 Dennis Magouirk  
19844A*4-6152214R110-34488 Dennis Magouirk  
19833A*7-3185121R114-311193 Dennis Magouirk  
19823A*0-1098263R110-771214 Dennis Magouirk  
19813A*8-2242128R114-29869 Dennis Magouirk  
19803A*5-5178177R112-4103126 George Hoblitzell  
19793A*8-220568R113-27448 George Hoblitzell  
19783A*5-5115137R112-33281 George Hoblitzell  
19773A*5-5109188R113-375140 George Hoblitzell  
19763A*2-7123271R111-590204 Bobby Swafford  
19753A*7-3211134R11 Bobby Swafford  
19743A*4-6145161 Bobby Swafford  
19733A*4-4-2104101 Bobby Swafford  
19723A*2-7-198224 Ken Beard  
19713A*1-8-158245 Ken Beard  
19703A*2-872204 Ken Beard  
19693A*1-938209 Ken Beard  
19683A*0-1063298 Gerald Grogan  
19673A*0-1050321 Chuck Platzke  
19663A*0-981286 Gerald Halpin  
19653A*2-890242 Wayne Keahey  
19643A*8-1-120526 Wayne Keahey  
19633A*9-019134 Bill Rutherford  
1962*8-225840 Bill Rutherford  
1961*6-4146153 Bill Rutherford  
1960*2-8113268 Bill Rutherford  
1959*4-5-1104165 Paul Quinn  
1958*7-2-130369 Paul Quinn  
1957*2-7-1112118 Paul Quinn  
1956*3-7137254 Paul Quinn  
1955*2-8123241 Andy Curley  
1954*4-3-2138137 Andy Curley  
1953*3-7122202 Andy Curley  
1952*4-6130157 G.D. Butch Lee  
1951*1-956272 G.D. Butch Lee  
1950*8-2187113 Kelly Horne  
1949*9-121676 Kelly Horne  
1948*1-8-1108202 Kelly Horne  
1947*1-953164 A.W. Corley  
19460-7-10257 A.W. Corley  
1945*4-5124148 A.W. Corley  
19442-445106 A.W. Corley  
1943      No Team
1942      No Team
19412-614127 Fred Merrill  
19401-725120 William Champion  
19392-5-133111 William Champion  
1938*6-212633 William Champion  
1937*4-4-110774 William Champion  
1936*3-48297 Tom Boman  
1935*5-4-110194 Carl Major  
1934*3-660192 Carl Major  
19333-3-17163 Foster L. Lockridge  
1932*3-2-313240 Foster L. Lockridge  
1931*5-2-116158 Foster L. Lockridge  
1930*3-3-212895 Foster L. Lockridge  
19297-19321 Foster L. Lockridge  
1928*2-6-185155 Foster L. Lockridge  
19271-6-125237 Holder  
19260-53264 Peterson  
19251-3-22655 James Searcy  
19240-4-118283 James Searcy  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

The first football game played by a high school team in Alabama was in 1892 when Central Birmingham (Phillips) lost to Alabama 56-0 on November 11.