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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Cedar Bluff Yearly Summary

Cedar Bluff Tigers
Cedar Bluff High School

3655 Old Hwy. 9 Cedar Bluff, AL 35959
Stadium: Bruce Field
Colors: Red & White
Coach: Jonathan McWhorter
Region: 1A-R7
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20201A0-000R7 Jonathan McWhorter  
20192A*7-42582110-1724R84-3162161 Jonathan McWhorter  
20182A*7-42732160-11247R84-3150149 Jonathan McWhorter  
20171A*7-43272081-14749R6#5-019841 Jonathan McWhorter  
20161A*8-43702681-18262R6#6-023862 Jonathan McWhorter  
20151A*13-26363024-1195166R7#6-033258 Jonathan McWhorter  
20141A*7-64493612-1124138R75-1275102 Jonathan McWhorter  
20131A*4-5323259R74-4316215 Jonathan McWhorter  
20121A*10-14851761-15454R7#8-039794 Jonathan McWhorter  
20111A*6-63722541-16841R75-123880 Jonathan McWhorter  
20101A*9-35211731-15842R76-135356 Jonathan McWhorter  
20091A*8-43662041-14061R65-223188 Jonathan McWhorter  
20081A*9-33801441-14214R66-123371 Jonathan McWhorter  
20071A*7-52902111-14759R75-219490 Jonathan McWhorter  
20061A*13-24822354-1138121R7#7-030872 Jonathan McWhorter  
20051A*12-16322412-1164101R6#7-035099 Steve Smith  
20041A*11-24751972-18981R6#7-033384 Steve Smith  
20031A*8-44413821-17775R66-1257180 Steve Smith  
20021A*11-25022302-17256R6#7-0321107 Steve Smith  
20011A*10-24511841-18285R6#7-031064 Steve Smith  
20001A*4-72683860-11348R64-3215220 Steve Smith  
19991A*4-72413870-11460R141-15072 Steve Smith  
19981A*4-71943540-1054R141-13949 Steve Smith  
19971A*11-13941361-17037R13#3-011913 Steve Smith  
19961A*8-42882111-14857R13#3-010946 Steve Smith  
19951A*2-885241R161-21659 Steve Smith  
19941A*7-52041441-14241R16#3-05912 Bobby Mintz  
19931A*9-33531171-14235R16#3-012313 Bobby Mintz  
19921A*9-43181932-15846R16#3-09832 Jeff Bullen  
19911A*10-33631262-16759R13#1-0500 Jeff Bullen  
19901A*9-33161361-15834R13#1-0350 Jeff Bullen  
19891A*5-4133109R131-24237 Jeff Bullen  
19881A*6-41231390-1026R133-15750 Jeff Bullen  
19871A*3-658116R160-4665 Jim Kennedy  
19861A*6-321079R162-28838 Danny Brown  
19851A*6-62511491-14228R163-18617 Danny Brown  
19841A*4-6118168R161-32959 Danny Brown  
19831A*5-5121110R124-18317 Danny Brown  
19821A*6-315675R124-18847 Danny Brown  
19811A*5-5128115R122-46274 Danny Brown  
19801A*5-5164127R123-312697 Oneal Maze  
19791A*7-2-1166109R124-18320 Oneal Maze  
19781A*4-6184168R123-213039 Oneal Maze  
19771A*8-41921221-12751R12#5-08622 Jerry Benefield  
19761A*6-3145176R122-365123 Jerry Benefield  
19751A*7-318976R12 Jerry Benefield  
19741A*6-4160136R12 Jerry Benefield  
19731A*7-313083 Jerry Benefield  
19721A*8-220597 Jerry Benefield  
19711A*6-420798 Jerry Benefield  
19701A*3-5-2112170 Waymon Wester  
19691A*3-7126282 Waymon Wester  
19681A*1-960298 David Bedwell  
19671A*9-1185105 Tim Britt.  
19661A*6-4159131 Ed Arnold Jr.  
19651A*7-317297 L.D. Bruce  
19641A*5-4-1100105 L.D. Bruce  
19631A*9-0-116813 L.D. Bruce  
1962*10-028026 L.D. Bruce  
1961*10-026727 L.D. Bruce  
1960*7-1-118762 L.D. Bruce  
1959*10-040018 L.D. Bruce  
1958*4-4-2199192 L.D. Bruce  
1957*3-793226 Joe Penney  
1956*1-876161 L.D. Bruce  
1955*6-3-1166156 L.D. Bruce  
1954*5-4-1181135 L.D. Bruce  
1953*7-3124130 L.D. Bruce  
1952*5-590134 L.D. Bruce  
1951*5-596120 L.D. Bruce  
1950*5-5137157 L.D. Bruce  
1949*7-2-114682 L.D. Bruce  
19488-111837 L.D. Bruce  
19472-1-23930 L.D. Bruce  
19462-4-130102 L.D. Bruce  
1945      No Team
1944      No Team
1943      No Team
1942      No Team
19392-665138 Bill Sanford  
19384-2-112246 F.L. Bulldog Johnson  
19373-29133 F.L. Bulldog Johnson  
1936*7-1-114722 F.L. Bulldog Johnson  
1935*7-211081 F.L. Bulldog Johnson  
1934*8-121338 Harrison Red Garrett  
19332-3-13144 Harrison Red Garrett  
19321-6-145141 Harrison Red Garrett  
1931*3-5-27994 Gopher Reece  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

Woody Clements was the head coach at Holt for a record 41 straight seasons.