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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Auburn Yearly Summary

Auburn Tigers
Auburn High School

406 S. Dean Rd. Auburn, AL 36830
Stadium: Duck Samford Stadium
Colors: Blue & White
Coach: Adam Winegarden
Region: 7A-R2
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20207A*12-13851583-08727R2#5-121393 Adam Winegarden  
20197A*9-43721992-15938R24-215992 Adam Winegarden  
20187A*10-23471311-14035R25-117574 Adam Winegarden  
20177A*10-23691221-13638R25-120364 Adam Winegarden  
20167A*8-43052681-14358R24-2172144 Adam Winegarden  
20157A*7-53262981-14857R24-2173115 Adam Winegarden  
20147A*4-63012490-13135R24-2208136 Tim Carter  
20136A*13-25122944-1143110R3#6-1232143 Tim Carter  
20126A*11-24672242-17046R36-1260130 Tim Carter  
20116A*8-23802260-14243R35-1213125 Tim Carter  
20106A*8-23332020-12831R3#6-021092 Tim Carter  
20096A*13-15131593-111053R3#7-027985 Tim Carter  
20086A*12-14422592-18485R3#7-0232126 Tim Carter  
20076A*8-43231921-14839R35-219293 Tim Carter  
20066A*7-53012721-13451R35-2189143 Tim Carter  
20056A*7-42481730-11031R34-214090 Robert Maddox  
20046A*7-42521830-12128R3#4-210475 Robert Maddox  
20036A*4-71511840-12056R33-37872 Robert Maddox  
20026A*4-71362170-1028R32-463130 Robert Maddox  
20016A*8-63232913-17461R33-3147135 Dwight Jones  
20006A*5-5216216R32-499175 Bill McCall  
19996A*5-5197174R51-23056 Bill McCall  
19986A*5-5123204R51-23184 Bill McCall  
19976A*1-9127269R70-334102 Bill McCall  
19966A*3-7108187R70-31472 Bill McCall  
19956A*9-22301070-11040R71-13020 Bill McCall  
19946A*5-5163178R70-22051 Bill McCall  
19936A*5-5127189R51-21758 Wayne Proffitt  
19926A*4-6160213R50-33183 Wayne Proffitt  
19916A*6-4151110R51-23842 Wayne Proffitt  
19906A*10-22321151-12816R5#3-04124 Wayne Proffitt  
19896A*4-6104950-1726R62-25433 Wayne Proffitt  
19886A*6-4197158R61-383119 Wayne Proffitt  
19876A*8-31911180-1317R6#2-14554 Wayne Proffitt  
19866A*3-7170207R60-32863 Randy Nichols  
19856A*8-2245159R61-26685 Randy Nichols  
19846A*6-4259182R61-27156 Randy Nichols  
19834A*4-5-1215169R51-13326 Jay Davis  
19824A*6-3-1227161R51-13334 Jay Davis  
19814A*8-2192135R4NE2-17554 Jay Davis  
19804A*6-3-1217101R4NE3-07018 Jay Davis  
19794A*4-6177149R42-16925 Jay Davis  
19784A*6-4118112R43-06229 Jay Davis  
19774A*6-4160170R4NE2-15327 Jay Davis  
19764A*6-4138135R4NE3-06026 Thomas Walls  
19754A*7-3170118R41-12620 Thomas Walls  
19744A*2-895165R4 Thomas Walls  
19734A*7-2-121344 Thomas Walls  
19724A*8-2196105 Thomas Walls  
19714A*5-4-1162110 Thomas Walls  
19703A*5-5182128 Thomas Walls  
19693A*6-410170 Thomas Walls  
19683A*2-8101125 James Mason  
19673A*8-1-125176 Sentell Harper  
19663A*2-7-173110 Sentell Harper  
19653A*2-6-165131 R.L. Beaird  
19643A*6-2-216968 R.L. Beaird  
19633A*3-773207 R.L. Beaird  
19622A*4-5141176 R.L. Beaird  
1961*7-2-119861 R.L. Beaird  
1960*2-881171 R.L. Beaird  
1959*4-578180 R.L. Beaird  
1958*4-6112142 R.L. Beaird  
1957*4-5137170 R.L. Beaird  
1956*6-3-1227222 R.L. Beaird  
1955*5-5155181 R.L. Beaird  
1954*3-5-1118135 R.L. Beaird  
1953*4-3-3162151 R.L. Beaird  
19522A*8-0-119050 R.L. Beaird  
1951*3-5-176141 R.L. Beaird  
1950*4-5117156 R.L. Beaird  
1949*6-3172100 R.L. Beaird  
1948*8-121036 R.L. Beaird  
1947*3-651162 R.L. Beaird  
1946*5-4123154 R.L. Beaird  
1945*4-5140105 R.L. Beaird  
1944*4-5-1113108 Gerald W. Hause  
1943*6-3151108 Gerald W. Hause  
1942*5-2-211576 Gerald W. Hause  
19416-210952 Falton LeCroy  
1940*7-1-119440 Falton LeCroy  
1939*3-5-162175 Falton LeCroy  
1938*3-68898 Falton LeCroy  
1937*7-1-110937 Falton LeCroy  
19365-4127105 Bully Hitchcock  
19355-3-113488 Gordon Fowler7/Hitchcock2  
1934*7-0-115418 Gordon Fowler  
19332-5-11372 Gordon Fowler  
19323-3-13784 Frank DuBose  
19313-3-15357 Frank DuBose  
19304-3-18672 W.G. Granger  
19295-313799 Otis Bynum  
19283-551119 Otis Bynum  
1927*7-1-117637 Otis Bynum  
1926*7-1-118459 Carson Pea Greene  
1925*7-121038 Russell Slick Moulton  
19243-48997 Russell Slick Moulton  
19236-017819 Charlie Gibson  
1922*7-114225 W.C. Simmons  
1918      No Team

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

Alabama School for the Deaf won Deaf School National Championships in 1971, 1987, 1991, 2000, 2001 and 2002.